Bamford Fragrance Launch
JUNE 2019

One of my absolutely favourite brands Bamford is renowned for it’s holistic approach to health and beauty. Walking into one of their spas is an instantly relaxing experience! Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, and is seen in their collection of artisan clothing, organic beauty products and treatments.  


To celebrate the launch of their first foray into fragrance, founder Carole Bamford hosted a gorgeous breakfast at their Brompton Cross Spa in Chelsea. An oasis of calm within the heart of the city, their skylit studio was transformed into a beautiful tablescape, featuring a stunning paper installation suspended from the ceiling.


As quoted by Carole, "Two fragrances, two memories: Gray and Camille. Gray is my middle name. The scent is earthy and musky, evoking autumnal walks in the woods with my family. Camille is my daughter Alice’s middle name. Uplifting and green, it’s the scent of Spring; reminding me of days spent together in the gardens when she was young.”

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The Team